Our Privacy Policy

For intr0.com and all subdomains

Privacy & Security Statement:

intr0.com, including all subdomains of intr0.com, use the highest standards of known privacy and security safeguards to ensure that your data remains your data, without leaking any of it to any sites you may visit after visiting us. These include the strictest http security and privacy headers in use for your protection and ours. Our Mozilla Observatory rating may be seen at any time on our main page as well as directly at https://observatory.mozilla.org. For example, the header X-DNS-Prefetch is set with a value of off to prevent the leaking of information through DNS prefetching of third-party resources linked to on our domain and its subdomains. The header Clear-Site-Data is set with the value of *, a wildcard which instructs your browser to delete any data it may have gathered such as within its cache, cookies, etc. immediately upon closing your connection with us, thus ensuring no other sites receive any information regarding your visit to intr0.com. We do have a cookie header set - our webhost Cloudflare sets this - but we have added it to change the generic setting Cloudflare uses accross all sites it hosts. We've done this so that in addition to the Http-Only & Secure flags that Cloudflare sets, we also have the SameSite flag set, which helps in combatting CSRF (Cross-Site-Request-Forgery). Our Referrer header is set to no-referrer guaranteeing that any sites you may visit after leaving our site have no information that you were here thus helping to further guarantee your privacy. Our Content-Security-Policy is one of the strongest in place among the small minority of sites use this powerful tool. We use no analytics, and require no javascript or cookies to function, though disabling javascript may inhibit some of the site’s responsiveness on mobile devices. Javascript (.js) (if enabled) and Stylesheets (.css) are secured using Subresource Integrity (SRI), through the application of base64-encoded sha384 hashes, allowing them to be used only if authenticated. Effectively, it prohihibits the insertion of any rogue code. The email address we use for anyone who may want to reach us is a ProtonMail account and we request all who do contact us use a PGP key or use ProtonMail to ensure everyting transmitted is done so encrypted. The only information we would ever receive from you is information you voluntarily tell us, and we would very much appreciate it if you use a pseudonym and did not divulge any personal information whatsoever as privacy is sacred to the site owner, for everyone. Invasion of your privacy is a business; leave that sort of thing to Google, Amazon, Facebook, and all other Big Brother tech.

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